We offer a variety of
Christmas trees on our farm.

Cut-Your-Own  |  Pre-Cut  |  Balled-and-Burlapped


Cut-Your-Own Tree Prices

6ft. $60  |  7ft. $70  |  8ft. $80  |  9ft. $100 10ft + $13.50/ft.

Sales Tax of 7.25% will be applied to all trees.

Tree Varieties Offered

Canaan Fir
The blue-green needles of the Canaan Fir reflect a silvery color on the underside. The soft lacing branches are sturdy enough to support ornaments of many sizes. Needle retention is very good for this water loving tree.

Blue Spruce
The Colorado Blue Spruce is known for powdery blue to dark blue-green foliage. This variety has strong limbs that can hold heavy ornaments. The Colorado Blue Spruce serves as the official living National Christmas Tree located on the White House lawn.

White Pine
The White Pine is full, lush, and bright green in color. The branches are often used in garlands, wreathes, and centerpieces due to the feathery, soft needles.  The White Pine has excellent needle retention when properly watered.

Norway Spruce
The shiny dark green needles of this spruce are what makes it the traditional Christmas tree. Its short .50” to.75” needles are attached to the branches singly. This densely branched tree has a traditional fragrance and sturdy branches for ornaments.

Cut-Your-Own & Pre-Cut Tree Care

  1. Make a fresh cut.
    Before you bring the tree into your home and place it in a stand, re-cut the trunk at least one inch from the bottom just before putting it in the stand. Even if you just cut it down prior to bringing it home, this re-opens the tree trunk so it can drink water.
  2. Choose a spot away from heat sources.
    Heat sources like heat registers, space heaters, fireplaces, wood stove, televisions, computer monitors, etc. speed up evaporation and moisture loss of the tree.
  3. Water immediately.
    After making the fresh cut, place the tree in a large capacity stand with warm water. The stand you use should hold at least one gallon of fresh water.
  4. Check water level daily.
    Do not allow the water level to drop below the fresh cut or the trunk will reseal and be unable to drink. Christmas trees are very thirsty! It is not unusual for a tree to drink 2 gallons of water the first day it is the stand.